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Giant Garden Games

*** Giant Garden Chess Set ***

The perfect game at your wedding, corporate event or party. This game not only looks sophisticated and elegant in an outdoor or indoor setting but it is a great way to entertain adults and children of all ages. Perfect as a stand-alone item or as part of a giant garden games package.

€100 minimum order applies








*** Golf Game ***

Practice and perfect your putt with the latest addition to the inflatable games range. Great golf game for children and adults alike, it’s sure to create a competitive challenge at any event or as part of our giant garden games packages.

€80 is the price of this unit.








*** Shoot A Hoop ***

Fun inflatable basketball game that will attract all age groups including adults. Great for competitions with scores of 10, 30 or 50 points to be reached depending the precision of the shot. Excellent as a stand-alone game or as part of a giant garden games package.

€80 is the price of this unit.








*NEW* Giant Lego

Does Lego bring back fond memories of your youth – well it's back …only this time it's bigger and better than ever!!! This is a fantastic game for adults and children to play together or an excellent way for companies to incorporate team-building exercises. A great accompaniment to any Carrick Castles Party Package or with our Giant Garden Game Zone.

€60 is the price of this unit. “Minimum Order Applies”








*NEW* Wakka Mole

Be one of the first to hire this high energy challenge game.This would be the ideal centerpiece for your next event!! Wakka Mole is perfect for any occasion whether it be a private party or corporate team building event. It is a head-to- head reaction – time- contest and the perfect way to get your party going either on its own or as part of our Giant Garden Game package!!!

€80 per day (overnight included)





Pit Stop Challenge

3.. 2.. 1.. Get ready, get set, GO!! Are you ready to take the Carrick Castles Pit Stop Challenge?? Beat your opponent in a race against the clock as you compete to change the tire in record time. This game is enjoyed by young and old and ideal for any party especially corporate and social events. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Take the challenge today – VROOOOMMM !!!

Minimum Order Applies.








Under pressure

Can you handle the pressure?? This two player game requires skill, precision, balance along with hand and eye coordination!!! The aim of this game is to float the ball along the line of air filled cones to the winning loop- Not as easy as it sounds, especially when you are racing your opponent. This game will provide hours of fun for all ages.

Minimum Order Applies.


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Inflatable Dart Board

Bulls eye!! This giant 12ft tall inflatable dart board is an outstanding attraction for any party, especially corporate and social events. The aim of the game is to throw the Velcro darts at the inflatable dart board in an attempt to win as many points as you can. Great for competitions between friends, family members or work colleagues.



Giant Connect 4

Giant garden games like the connect 4 is the ideal accompaniment with any inflatable or with other garden games. It encourages children to play together and it is a big hit at events and shows as children are often in awe at its impressive size. It is also the a great addition to your party at home as all our garden games are very reasonably priced.

€30 is the price of this unit. (overnight included) Minimum Order Applies.






Giant Buzzer

Have you got a steady Hand?? This extra extra large hand shaped Giant Buzzer will set hearts racing in the fight against your opponents to reach the end successfully….remember you only get three chances…so no pressure.!!A great family favourite for adults and children.

€80 per day (overnight included)

Minimum Order Applies.






Super Sumo Wrestling Suits for hire

The official object of the game is to either push, pull, trip, or throw your opponent out of the circle on the mat, or force them onto their back. Splatting your fallen opponent is known as a ‘Super Sumo etiquette. A standard package includes a pair of high quality sumo suits, a 15’ x 15’ padded battle mat, and a pair of head guards.

€80 per day (overnight included) Minimum Order Applies.






Giant Garden Games

Giant Jenga

Tried and tested, this very traditional game has broken the barriers in the test of time. This is an great fun game which the adults will knock as much fun out of as the children. We are always amazed to see what weird and wonderful shapes kids create at events and this is a great way for children to work together in an imaginative environment and brings fun back to basics.

€30 per day (overnight included)

Minimum Order Applies.






Giant Garden Games

€80 per day (overnight included)

Minimum Order Applies.






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